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Biobased Products

Establishment of a cascading recovery of valuable resources from plant and regional residues via a novel cooperation of small commercial enterprises and agriculture

The starting point of the underlying project addresses an approach to ensure that Cascade's recycling of regional plant residues takes place through a novel cooperation between small commercial enterprises and agriculture, thereby creating a regional value chain.

The pastoral region “Joglland” (leader region consisting of 12 communities, about 23,000 inhabitants) is strongly characterized by emigration and has no industry, whereby currently only a few jobs exist apart from the agriculture and forestry. However, the unspoiled natural area of the region has great potential for “finishing” the raw materials, which the area contains. This finishing is to be carried out via so-called "biobased products" which, due to their effect, are particularly demanded by the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

Therefore, the project addresses an approach to ensure that culturally agricultural “Joglland” is cascaded from regional, plant residues via a new kind of cooperation between small commercial enterprises and agriculture, whereby a regional value-added chain can be built and marketed. In order to address the great market potential for “Joglland”, all necessary regional expertise should be pooled through the project in order to optimize the use of valuable plant-based raw materials from “Joglland”. "Biobased Products" combines expertise from the disciplines of agriculture, chemistry, biology, process engineering and biotechnology.

The project "Biobased Products" addresses the following concrete objectives:

(1) The Jogllands potentials for the production of the "Biobased Products" should be raised. For this purpose, an analysis of the raw material potentials, the necessary procedures for the extraction of these valuable plant materials as well as the market entry barriers and the value-specific market potential will be carried out in order to determine which "biobased products" from the multitude of possible recyclables and biogenic materials are to be produced preferably in “Joglland”.

(2) A network for the production and marketing of the organic-based products of the „Joglland“ should be set up. It is intended to address regional farmers and foresters (raw material producers), development partners, plant builders, distribution and marketing channels.

(3) Finally, a roadmap for the „Joglland“ is to be developed so that a regional production and marketing of organic-based products from the Joglland can take place. Here, a catalogue of measures should be developed. The responsibilities are to be determined. In addition, a determination of a work schedule and schedule of the next few years should take place.

(4) An over and regional publication and communication of the project results should be done, so that many actors and stakeholders can be addressed.

Biobased Products
  • 01.10.2015 - 30.09.2016
  • Finished


Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy

Funding Partner/Programs

This project is funded by the "Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy" and the “European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development” under the programme "Subsidies for the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises".