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Valuable materials out of plants

Development of high-quality cosmetic and food products from vegetable recyclables of the Joglland

One of the greatest technical challenges in the recovery of valuable plant materials is the predominantly heterogeneous nature of the starting materials. Currently, the production of recyclable materials from plant raw materials depending on the required purities is therefore very expensive and inefficient. In part, they are produced synthetically for this reason. It therefore requires an R & D project, which accelerates the product development of these valuable plant materials cost-effectively and with the highest quality standards, so that the products to be developed are free of non-food-safe solvents and therefore based on natural extraction and are much more environmentally friendly.

Based on the initial situation and problem definition presented, a first step will be bundling regionally available know-how by establishing a regional network for raw material suppliers, manufacturers and marketers. In the second step, the product development of valuable plant substances will be promoted through an R & D project. This should be done by extraction of plant raw materials from biogenic educts. The product development should aim at high-quality cosmetic and food products from plant recyclables of the Joglland.

Target groups include actors and stakeholders of cosmetic products and dietary supplements of the Joglland (producers, suppliers of raw materials, farmers, businesses, etc.). With this project references and experiences in the region “Kraftspendedörfer Joglland” should be collected. The exploitation rights of the R & D project are available to the general public free of charge.

Valuable materials out of plantsValuable materials out of plants
  • 01.10.2016 - 30.11.2018
  • Finished


Styrian Provincial Government


European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Funding Partner/Programs

Austrian programme for the development of rural areas 14-20

This project is funded by the "Province of Styria", the "FEDERAL MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY, ENVIRONMENT AND WATER MANAGEMENT" and the "European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development" and in the framework of the Austrian Programme for the development of rural areas 2014 - 2014 performed.