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Mountain region Joglland

Commercialization of plant and valuable materials from the mountain region of Joglland

The pastoral Joglland (Leaderregion from 12 municipalities, approx. 25,000 inhabitants) is strongly characterized by emigration and has no industry, whereby currently only a few jobs exist apart from the agriculture and forestry. However, the unspoiled natural area of the region has great potential, especially as the raw materials it contains are particularly suitable for "finishing". This processing is to be carried out via so-called vegetable and animal recyclables of agriculture, which are particularly in demand because of their effect. All ARGE members have been involved in the extraction of these products from regional plant and animal raw materials for several years (anthocyanins production from Eastern Styrian shrub berries, Omega 3 fatty acids from free-range cracked eggs, lanolin from sheep's wool, Aronia seed oil, Evening primrose oil, Secondary plant nutrients / Biobased Products etc.). However, once the great regional market potential is known, greater cooperation is needed to initiate the underlying project. Therefore, the project addresses an approach, so that in the agricultural landscape of Joglland a cascading recovery of resources from regional, plant and animal residues takes place through a new cooperation of small commercial enterprises and agriculture, whereby a regional value creation and marketing chain can be built up and marketed. In order to address the great market potential for Joglland, all necessary regional expertise should be pooled through the project in order to optimize the use of valuable plant and animal raw materials from Joglland. The project combines expertise from the disciplines of agriculture, chemistry, biology, process engineering and biotechnology. Based on this initial situation, a brand should therefore be built up using lead products (design of the brand name: "Mountain regionJoglland"). In parallel, a quality assurance system for production, processing and marketing is to be introduced. Co-ordination of cooperation between agricultural commodity producers and commercial processing and marketing companies in the mountain region of Joglland is also planned. An organization and marketing concept of the products under the brand Bergregion Joglland is to be created, events for the recruitment of new members / cooperation enterprises as well as for the training of the quality assurance program are to be carried out. Also a comprehensive public relations work should be performend. Finally, joint promotion measures under the Bergregion Joglland brand should be evolved to develop short supply chains and local markets. Therefore, the underlying project addresses an approach to ensure that Cascade's recycling of regional, plant and animal materials takes place through a novel cooperation between small commercial enterprises and agriculture, thereby establishing a regional value chain and marketing chain.

Mountain region Joglland
  • 01.01.2017 - 31.12.2017
  • Finished



Funding Partner/Programs

Creation and development of short supply chains and local markets as well as supporting sales promotion

This project is funded by the "Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management" and the "European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development" and under the project type 16.4.1 "Creation and Development of Short Supply Chains and Local Markets and Supporting Projects Promotion ".