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CO2 high pressure extraction

Gentle cascading of valuable, secondary plant substances from residues

The underlying project was aimed at a novel and gentle cascading of valuable, secondary plant substances from residues of regional grapes and berries. This was done by an already proven, cascading extraction of secondary plant substances from biogenic educts. In order for the business idea presented above to be realized, a CO2 high-pressure extraction plant is to be acquired with the aid of the underlying project. With this plant thus vegetal valuable materials in the leaderregion "Kraftspendedörfer Joglland" are produced, whereby also the vegetal raw materials from the region are to be used.
Thus, one of the biggest technical challenges in the extraction of valuable plant materials, the predominantly heterogeneous nature of the raw materials, has been overcome as project output. Currently, the production of recyclables from phytochemicals depending on the required purities is therefore very expensive and inefficient. In part, they are produced synthetically for this reason. With the help of the project, these products can be produced free of solvents and therefore in a very high purity. In addition, the argument of natural extraction provides a strong selling point against synthetic production. Also, the process is much more environmentally friendly and this in turn addresses new customers and markets. The process currently means a unique position in the market.

CO2 high pressure extractionCO2 high pressure extractionCO2 high pressure extractionCO2 high pressure extraction
  • 15.01.2016 - 30.09.2017
  • Finished


European Agricultural Fund and Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy

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Start-up on the countryside

The underlying project was funded by the European Agricultural Fund and the Republic of Austria as part of the funding program "Start-up on the countryside" and handled by the "Austrian agency for economical promotion" on behalf of the "Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy".