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Interreg | BUILD SEE

Addressing the differences between EU indicators and their practical implementation in the ecological construction and eco-social designation of residential areas in southeastern European regions

The EU project "BUILD SEE" with a total of 18 partners from nine countries focused on the topic of "Sustainable Building & Living". As part of the EU project "BUILD SEE", a sustainability concept was created for the city Weiz. After the municipality of Weiz and the municipality of Krottendorf merged in 2015, this sustainability concept also served as a feasibility study of various measures (thematic focus: "Green Building & Living" incl. Expansion with other relevant energy themes, such as mobility) next year for Weiz and Krottendorf. This concept also served as the basis for a larger mission statement process.
For example, in a two-year project, local and international working groups, specialist conferences, events and excursions were organized to promote the cross-border exchange of know-how and local feasibility studies were carried out involved all the partner countries. For example, the energy data collection accelerated in the municipalities of Weiz and Krottendorf was presented at various events (climate conference in the Weizer house of culture, Weiz Christmas Mass, closing event in Bucharest, etc.). Over the next few years, the following measures will now be implemented as a work program:

  1. Initiate energy and climate-oriented regional planning
  2. Expand sustainable heating networks and heat supply
  3. Expand domestic and national public Transport
  4. Increasing Energy efficiency in Industry
  5. Continuation and expansion of the energy Register
  6. Force public participation Investments
  7. Active consultations for building renovations and support for the realization
  8. Forcing solar thermal Expansion
  9. Implementing a lead project for sustainable private Transport
  10. Implementation of a suburban train System
  11. Educational offer in the field of sustainability and climate Change
  12. Expanding R & D in energy and climate change technologies with Projects
  13. Cooperation of the Weizer Energy Working Group and the Sustainability Advisory Council with the Province of Styria
  14. Expand knowledge transfer of findings to other regions

Interreg | BUILD SEE
  • 01.01.2013 - 31.12.2014
  • Finished


Styrian Provincial Government

European Regional Development Fund

Funding Partner/Programs


This project was funded by the "Styrian Provincial Government" and the "European Regional Development Fund" and implemented under the program SOUTH-EAST EUROPE (European Territorial Cooperation / ETC, INTERREG III B) during the funding period 2007-2013.