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Cross-border development and implementation of energy contracting models for public institutions

One of the greatest potentials for CO2 savings is to reduce the consumption of electricity and heat energy in buildings and infrastructure facilities. The energy contracting models developed in recent years can offer interesting solutions in this situation. They make it possible to finance the necessary refurbishments and related investments through energy savings, without the municipalities themselves had to provide additional resources. Even through the many benefits of energy contracting, it has not been sufficiently used by municipalities due to lack of information and lack of human resources. The aim of the project is to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings and facilities through the increased use of energy contracting models.

To achieve this goal, the following subgoals are pursued:

  • cross-border development of new energy contracting models adapted to the needs of municipalities
  • Cross-border dissemination of information about the possibilities of different energy contracting models
  • Increasing the number of energy renovations in the public sector through energy contracting
  • Increasing value added in the project areas through investment measures and lower external energy purchases
  • Establishment of cross-border competence cooperation on energy contracting

  • 01.09.2011 - 30.06.2014
  • Finished


Styrian Provincial Government

European Regional Development Fund

Funding Partner/Programs

Cross-border Cooperation Austria - Hungary 2007-2013

This project is funded by the "Styrian Provincial Government" and the "European Regional Development Fund" and is part of the Cross-border Cooperation Program Austria-Hungary 2007-2013 (European Territorial Cooperation / ETC).