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Interreg | SEAP_Alps

Sustainable energy planning for cities and municipalities in the Alpine region

The project SEAP_Alps, funded by the Alpine Space Program of the European Community, has set the task of supporting municipalities in the creation of sustainable energy concepts. In the project SEAP_Alps, a guideline for the implementation of "Action Plans for Sustainable Energy" (SEAPs) has been prepared, considering the specific characteristics of municipalities of the Alpine region, which are characterized by small or medium sized municipalities. The main economic factor of these municipalities is tourism, which is already strongly affected by the consequences of climate change. Project partners from eleven different Alpine regions have gathered their experience and knowledge to design a concept. The action plans have been implemented and tested in more than 30 pilot communities in the partner regions. At the same time, the project participants and cooperating communities were able to use an online-based training platform, which was used for development skills and knowledge transfer. This guide to cities and municipalities not only covered climate change issues, but also includes measures to adapt to climate change, thus providing a valuable contribution to the local community and the Alpine region.

Interreg | SEAP_Alps
  • 01.10.2012 - 31.05.2015
  • Finished


Styrian Provincial Government

European Regional Development Fund

Funding Partner/Programs

Alpine Space 07 - 13

This project was funded by the "Styrian Provincial Government" and the "European Regional Development Fund" and implemented under the Alpine Space (European Territorial Cooperation / ETC) program for the 2007-2013 funding period.